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10 Brilliant Insights

I don’t like buzz words like “drill-down” and “metrics” and “elevator speech” and “buzz word” but I use them so I come across as well-informed and, of course I want … Continue reading

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Why Tablets = Sliced Bread

They’re big enough so we can see everything on the screen; they’re small enough that we can carry them around with us everywhere, and use them at places like the … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I’ve Been Hired as a Consultant

I’m outcome-focused.  Because of my long history in non-profit, I’m wired to demonstrate my worth and pursue goals that benefit others.   In the consulting world, this translates to client satisfaction.  My goals are … Continue reading

February 11, 2012 · 1 Comment

Are You Hearing without Listening?

Surely you hear your clients and customers.  But do you also listen to them? There are so many opportunities and methods for learning about your business.    Counting responses to mass messaging shows that you … Continue reading

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The 4 P’s of Planning

Finding yourself using numbers as your primary measure of success? How about stepping back and using some words instead.  Take a break from the numbers and reinvigorate with these 4 … Continue reading

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Powerful to Powerfail

The Jerry Sandusky story sounds sickly familiar. Priests and their altar boy victims? Same crime. Same victims. Same cover-up. Same abuse of power. While Sandusky will finally go through the … Continue reading

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