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Consulting Services

Liken your organization to a painting.

You and your staff are the painters, and your organization is the canvas.

I am the person standing a few steps back who can see the big picture while you paint it.

I help you make sure each brush stroke contributes to a masterpiece.

MANY GRANTMAKING INSTITUTIONS NOW REQUIRE A STRATEGIC PLAN TO QUALIFY FOR FUNDING. Do you have one? Do you know why you need one? I facilitate the strategic planning process from organizational analysis to tactical implementation. Your company enjoys the benefit of an objective external analysis, while also creating a vehicle for internal voices to be heard. The end product is a fully executable road map for success.

Strategic Planning Services available on a project basis, and generally require between 2 to 4 months of planning.  Factors determining consultant fees include overall organizational budget, number of  planning retreats, and scope of strategic issues.

What does your annual marketing plan look like? How do you communicate with your stakeholders? What are your goals? Which tools are you using? How do you use the valuable data you have? I’ll help you devise and implement a cost-effective and maximum impact campaign to help you reach your various organizational goals. Social media is just the newest addition to a powerful group of marketing tools. I’ll help you integrate a social media plan into your existing marketing and communications plan.

Marketing/Communications Services are available on a project or monthly basis. 

Have an idea for a new business but don’t know how to monetize it?  Need to update and  reinvigorate your existing business?  Need to just brain dump with an objective outsider?  I’ll push you off the ledge, ask you some tough questions, help you define or redefine business goals, and walk with you as you develop an implementation plan.

Business Development Consulting Services are available on a project basis, monthly basis or hourly basis.

Wanna talk about doing some business?  Contact pjglennonconsulting@gmail.com and we’ll set up an appointment to talk.


Clients and services provided include:

Strategic Planning/Visioning
Moveable Feast, Baltimore, MD
Joseph’s House of Camden, Camden, NJ
Volunteer Center Serving Howard County, Columbia, MD
Guadalupe Family Services, Camden, NJ

Marketing and Communications
Domestic Violence Center of Howard County, Columbia, MD
Joanna Conti – Fixing Anne Arundel County, Anne Arundel County, MD

Development and Fundraising
Shari’s Promise, Columbia, MD
Barrie School, Silver Spring, MD
Domestic Violence Center of Howard County, Columbia, MD

FIRN, Inc., Columbia, MD
Art with a Heart, Baltimore, MD
- Grantwriting

Grant Reviewer
Baltimore Community Foundation – Reviewed grant applications within BCF’s Human Services investment path –including identifying prospective grantees, reviewing and responding to grant requests, preparing and presenting grant recommendations, conducting research, conducting site visits, facilitating the grants management and monitoring of human services grants.

Association of Community Services, Columbia, MD – Facilitated workshops teaching quick and effective grant and proposal-writing techniques designed to strengthen and streamline the process.

Project Management
Bmore Fiber Google for Communities – Executed submission of Baltimore City’s municipal response to Google, Inc.’s nationally issued RFI.


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