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10 Brilliant Insights

  1. I don’t like buzz words like “drill-down” and “metrics” and “elevator speech” and “buzz word” but I use them so I come across as well-informed and, of course I want search word hits.  I have found that the simple questions, such as “Why are you in business?” and “Who cares?” inspire more thoughtful decision-making. (#simplelogic)
  2. A good consultant can spot organizational dysfunction, usually in about 12 minutes.  The decision makers usually create and maintain the dysfunction. (#elephantintheroom)
  3. Make your workplace fun.  Doesn’t it make sense that if your employees….enjoy their time spent at work (#jobsatisfaction)….they’ll look forward to being there (#productivity)…therefore put their best efforts into staying there (#creativity)…because they enjoy it there? (#success) [Note the proper use of their and there.]  Click here for supporting article.
  4. Time spent crafting a plan about what you want to accomplish = investing in your future. (#notjustaboutthemoney)
  5. It is very unlikely that everything will go according to plan, no matter how well conceived.  Are you prepared for the unexpected? (#crisismanagement)
  6. Leadership is about your ability to create and maintain a happy environment, which inspires harmony and productivity.  (#quotablePJ)
  7. Planning for constant change creates a pattern of predictability. (#usingbuzzwords, #impressive)
  8. I’ve had great bosses and lousy bosses.  The great ones taught me how they did their jobs.  The lousy ones told me how to do mine. (#bookdeal)
  9. Do you have a technology plan?  Do you think technology is a fad?  Waiting to get back to business as usual?  Would you buy a car, and never expect to spend another dollar maintaining it, fixing it, or replacing it? (#welcometo21stcentury)
  10. Social media rocks.  It ranks second on my list of most important skills learned in my lifetime.  First is Typing I, learned in high school. (#hiremenotanintern)

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This entry was posted on February 22, 2012 by in Consulting.


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