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5 Reasons Why I’ve Been Hired as a Consultant

  • I’m outcome-focused.  Because of my long history in non-profit, I’m wired to demonstrate my worth and pursue goals that benefit others.   In the consulting world, this translates to client satisfaction.  My goals are to help my clients succeed and meet their goals.
  • I see the big picture, and in fact, can’t operate without 
    knowing it.  Clients who acknowledge that they get stuck in the daily grind of getting the work done appreciate this overarching perspective.  Organizations are like a painting on a huge canvas and you and your staff are the painters.  I’m guiding your expertise, helping you create a masterpiece.

  • I think and work creatively and strategically, and I dig marketing I synthesize creative concepts with simple strategies, and can advise on any number of marketing strategies and tools.  Social media has changed the playing field, but the rules of the game still apply.

  • I have work experience that spans from the bottom of the ladder to the top, so I
    understand the challenges involved with personnel at every level.  I’ve learned more from professional failures than successes, and have leveraged these failures into
    success.  This is not something anyone but a consultant can admit!  Everyone writes about it, but rarely do you find an employee, especially a top-level executive, who will flaunt their failures as learning experiences.   Humility has no place in the corporate world, but for me it’s a catharsis and gives me clarity – which I pass on to my clients.

  • As an independent contractor, my fees are lower than bigger firms, who must incorporate management overhead expenses.  Because I operate on my own, my administrative skills have to be pretty sharp, which they are.  And I’m a huge technology advocate, learner, and consumer, and can guarantee that I will introduce you to some new concept, tool, software or process that will make your days just a little easier.

Visit my “Consulting Services” page for contact information.  Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you!


One comment on “5 Reasons Why I’ve Been Hired as a Consultant

  1. Beth Harbinson
    February 13, 2012

    These are also the reasons you SHOULD be hired. Organizations who want to see things “happen” as a consequence of a consulting engagement will find that the results are there when they work with someone like you who can operate in this manner.

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