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Are You Hearing without Listening?

Surely you hear your clients and customers.  But do you also listen to them?

There are so many opportunities and methods for learning about your business.    Counting responses to mass messaging shows that you can hear.  But how do you listen to your customers or clients?


  • Sending monthly email newsletters using subject lines that won’t land you in spam.  Talking all about everything you’re doing.  Including pictures so it’s not too copy-heavy.  Driving people to your website.
  • Counting traffic to the website
  • Tallying click-thrus and getting excited when you see them
  • Boasting to your staff about the number of impressions recorded on banner ads you just ran. (Which just means you placed it in a high-traffic area.)
  • Counting the “likes” from your Facebook page
  • Sending pre-scheduled tweets with links to your latest, greatest product
  • Deciding online giving or sales is not “here” because you’re not having success yet
  • Sending your next email newsletter as scheduled


  • Following up with those who opened your newsletters or responded to any of your messaging.  Thank them.  Ask them what more you can do for them.
  • Engaging your social media base by asking about THEM – unlimited possibilities to learn about your audience.  (Just like having a conversation – if you’re stuck, just ask someone to talk about him/herself.)
  • Sharing industry information – not just your own sales pitch.  How many times do you think people want to hear about how great you are?  But let them know you’re tuned in to your industry, and they’ll appreciate you sharing your expertise.
  • Sharing fun, unrelated, but interesting  facts, stories, quotes, etc. that let people know you’re human, and not just a marketing machine using searchwords and buzzwords.

Social media has provided us such easy-to-use tools for listening.  So if you’re hearing without listening then you’re missing out on all the fun – and success!


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