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Powerful to Powerfail

The Jerry Sandusky story sounds sickly familiar. Priests and their altar boy victims? Same crime. Same victims. Same cover-up. Same abuse of power.

While Sandusky will finally go through the public humiliation he so richly deserves, his victims now have to relive their horror. They have to tell their stories of degradation and violence committed against them – again and again.

Even if justice prevails, and Sandusky and crew are appropriately punished in a court of law, do we really think these victims will feel any sense of satisfaction? How are they supposed to erase the memories of the sickness they had to endure?

The damage is done. Those kids can’t be un-violated. No punishment to the perpetrator, or those who condoned it by not reporting it or taking appropriate action to stop it, can undo the destruction wrought.

And the stories, now 10 to 15 years old, have finally broken into a nationwide scandal. Each scared, violated kid, who is now a damaged, young adult, has to face a brand new, knife-twisting realization that plenty of people knew what was happening, and chose to let it continue.

Hey, Joe Paterno and AD Curley! Still reveling in your power? Feeling sick yet that you looked the other way when you learned one of your coaches was having sex in the Penn State locker room showers with a little boy? What if it was one of your sons? For how many of your grandchildren would that have been okay?

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Athletic Director had the power to do the right thing, but chose the cowardly, sinister and abusive path that led to…. right here. Public disgrace and shame.

Great job destroying several lives, and of course, great job tarnishing the Penn State football legacy, and spoiling years of cherished memories shared by your players, parents, alumni and fans.

For a great, concise (though sickening)  summary of the charges alleged against Jerry Sandusky, read Grand Jury Allegation – via Detroit Free Press


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